About Arvia Webinar

We are proud to be associated with one of the best Webinar Platform in the world and able to offer free for educator to host an education-related webinar. Learn why you organization should have a proper Webinar. To learn more about Demio, please click the logo below :

Perfect built for education. FREE for all.

Modern webinar platform

Demio designated to be dated webinar tools that often used for training and education purpose

Free & Paid Webinar

For pricing, there is no charge for free event. For a paid and specific event, we also offer a paid webinar


Our platform offers a wide variety of features such as poll, handout, gifts, bonuses and many more

                          Perfect built for education.

Your student can join from anywhere seamlessly

A seamless, distraction-free experience for your audience right in the browser.

Join in the browser with one click
Frictionless joining without any bulky software downloads. Your audience can attend with one click right in the browser.
Easy to use and beautiful too
A platform design that’s visually pleasing, and more importantly, an intuitive user experience for you and your attendees.
Focused on your content & brand
Apply your branding and logo across all of your event materials and eliminate any kind of distractions during the session.

Engagement unlike anything you’ve seen before

Experience a whole new level of interaction with your audience.

Private or public chat

Interact with your audience in a real-time chat. Switch between private and public chat mode at any time to enable or disable conversations.

@ Mentions and gestures

Give your audience more ways to interact through emoji gestures, and the ability to @ mention other participants.

Bring attendees to the stage

Give microphone or webcam permissions to any of your attendees, so they can come front and center for the audience.

Interactive polls with stats

Ask your audience a question at any time with Polls; you can keep the stats hidden or share them with attendees for social proof.
webinar poll

Share handouts and gifts

Share handouts, gifts, and bonuses for your audience to download

Organize and answer questions

Easily manage Q&A with dedicated features for organization and answering questions live.

     Analyze everything across your entire campaign

Measure the effectiveness of your webinars through in-depth, actionable insights.

A hassle-free, no-download experience for everyone.

webinar compatibility