Arvia Private Tuition

Arvia Private Tuition

Here you can access a vast list of exciting videos that cover a variety of subjects and topics. Explanation by the expert that helps you to understand better. The content of the video can be accessed here

Auto Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnail Images enable you to quickly identify specific videos within a gallery without having to play them. When you add videos, Arvia Engine will use the Youtube API to retrieve the image URL from their server and automatically add it to your video

Video Youtube Contributor

Anyone can register and submit a video to ArviaClass. Each video owner is considered a contributor and is eligible to receive an appreciation certificate from Arvia team.

Automatic Import Youtube Engine

Only by specifying a Youtube and schedule it, Arvia Engine will do the work for you by auto importing videos from YouTube website, not just one but all videos you put in a playlist. Each time a new video is uploaded there, it’ll be automatically imported to your site within the hour. You can have more than 1 more playlist in ArviaClass account

We aggregated thousands of Videos

A wide range of video content sorted by category, such as class level and subjects. Well-organized video content makes navigation easier for viewers and assists them in finding the videos they need.